Surrogacy Pregnancy Support: Partum Care

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Every pregnancy can be different - and especially a surrogacy pregnancy. That’s why we are excited to share a new benefit for ConceiveAbilities surrogates: Partum Care, a group of pregnancy and postpartum care experts, that is now part of your Match Experience team.

These experts will work with you to identify information and resources that help support a successful pregnancy and set the stage for a great Fourth Trimester recovery. And, this support is all about you.    

Join Us For 4 Webinars With Expert Support for Your Questions

Starting this month, ConceiveAbilities will bring together a rotating group of experts that can make a big impact on your pregnancy and postpartum experience. We will dive into four main topics: fitness and movement, nutrition, physical therapy, and birth and labor support. Each session includes a short informative session followed by an open Q&A, where you can ask our experts any question on your mind and find out about opportunities for personalized one-hour consults.

At our first session, you will join Liz Cuttica, a corrective exercise specialist with training in pregnancy and postpartum, to learn more about 360 breathing and why it’s essential for safe everyday movement, from picking up your toddler to getting through household chores to maintaining your favorite hobbies. This session is relevant if you have:

  • Experienced pain during pregnancy or previous postpartum recoveries, such as lower back pain
  • Had challenges with your pelvic floor muscles 
  • Found yourself breathless in pregnancy
  • Been told to clench or suck in your abs when exercising
  • Wished for a way to easily release stress and tension during the day 

Liz is founder of Milly Grey Movement, a Lululemon Ambassador, and a fitness professional with more than 15 years of experience in the fitness industry and a mom herself.

The dates, times, and topics for all four of our first webinar sessions are below.

  • Thursday, 8/26 @ 6-7 pm CSTExercise and Movement  with Liz Cuttica: 360 breathing as a foundation for all safe movement in pregnancy and postpartum 
  • Thursday, 9/30 @ 6-7 CSTNutrition and Pregnancy  with Samara Shein, RD, nutritional needs while pregnant
  • Thursday, 10/28 @ 6-7 CSTLabor Preparation and Support  with Giovanna Otavalo, certified birth doula 
  • Thursday, 11/18 @ 6-7 CSTPhysical Therapy During Pregnancy and 4th Trimester,  managing physical changes and addressing common aches and pains

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