Business Insider interviews ConceiveAbilities Director of Legal Services about Egg Donation

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Business Insider recently spoke with Gina Marie Madow, Director of Legal Services at ConceiveAbilites, about the process of donating eggs.

The Insider article addresses misconceptions around egg donation.

"Egg donation is in no way a process by which you can make a quick buck," Madow said. "You work for every single penny there. While advertisements like these may not be untrue, they don't show the full picture and can at times be misleading."

Madow, who is a four-time egg donor, went on to say that often the compensation advertised is the payment for multiple donations — not just one.

The Society for Ethics for Egg Donation and Surrogacy (SEEDS), a nonprofit working to define a set of ethical standards for egg donation and surrogacy programs, suggests monetary agreements should not "be dominating [advertising to potential egg donors] nor in presentation format to call undue attention over other elements of the ad."

However, "it's a delicate balance with finding the right way to attract women to [an egg donor agency] website," according to Madow. "It's up to the donor to ask really good questions and the agency to educate her honestly so that she knows what she's getting into."

Agencies and donors agree that the process of egg donorship should not be confused as an easy way to make money - from hormone shots to rigorous testing, donating eggs is real work. 

"The most difficult part of the process is physically taxing," Madow told Insider. "It's not fun injecting yourself with hormone medication and having a surgical procedure under anesthesia."

She continued: "It's a commitment for a couple of months to get through the process, but it has a lifelong impact."

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