Surrogacy in Colorado: Part 2

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We recently introduced you to Colorado surrogate Kristi. She sat down again with Mile High Mamas to discuss her pregnancy and relationship with the Intended Parents. 

How much control did you have during the matching process of who your intended family would be?

I was involved in the matching process. I had a very specific idea of what kind of intended parents I wanted to work with. When I sat down with ConceiveAbilities and told them the kind of family I wanted to work with, it wasn’t long after they reached out and found a family for me! They told me a little bit about the family and we all agreed to meet. We are still super close today! 

Did you feel like your wants and needs were taken into consideration during your pregnancy? 

My intended parents and I were close during the pregnancy and were there for each other through the whole process. They were very supportive! They told everyone involved “Whatever Kristi wants, she gets. A happy surrogate makes for a happy baby.” 🙂 

How was the surrogacy pregnancy different from pregnancy with your daughter?

I am a single mom and it was a relief to be pregnant and just enjoy the pregnancy without the worry of raising a child on my own. This really allowed me to enjoy every aspect of the pregnancy! 

What surprised you about the surrogacy pregnancy?

I was surprised that my belly buddy was breech. I was induced with my daughter and the contractions were not so steady. So with this pregnancy, I was hoping to do it so much more naturally. Unfortunately, because my little buddy was breech, I had to go in for a scheduled c-section. 

What was delivery like? How did you feel when you were able to give the gift of life to another family? 

I had to go in for a scheduled c-section. While I was hoping to go into labor naturally, my belly buddy was breech and that was not an option. But the moment the baby was delivered, tears of pure joy ran down my face! The joy of seeing her parents getting to hold their baby for the first time! That moment! That was exactly why I wanted to be a surrogate!

How did you share the process with your daughter? How much did she understand and how did she feel? 

My daughter loved that the baby was not going to come home with us! She is an only child and loves it 😉 

My daughter loved telling others that “this baby was not coming home with us.” She loved freaking people out! My daughter is 11 years old and was amazing through the whole process. My daughter and Intended Parents also have a close relationship as well. At this point, we are all family!

Watch for part 3 of 3, when Kristi talks about the Fourth Trimester–what happened emotionally and physically after her C-section and what she would tell other women who are considering becoming a surrogate.