2020: The Year That Seemed Endless, Is Coming to an End ✨

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Ringing in a new year always involves reflecting on the year past and anticipating the year to come. This profound and impactful video stunningly recaps 2020. 


While 2020 may have delivered a healthy dose of trepidation and anxiety, this year has also shown us that when the world unites in a common goal, a seemingly years-long task can be made possible in a few short months. It’s been a heavy year, but there has also been joy and good news to get us through. 

Girl is Born From Embryo Frozen for 27 Years 

Little Molly Gibson's welcome to the world has broken a record set by the birth of her sister - a remarkable story! 

Vulnerable Pandas Got Frisky and Reproduced (Source: My Modern Met Good News)

We needed baby panda content and 2020 delivered 🐼

Tiny Pygmy Possums Discovered on Kangaroo Island After Fears that Bush Fires had Wiped Them Out


Surviving Covid and Meeting Her New Twins (Tanks Good News)

Just look at the smiles on their faces! 

Feast Your Eyes on this Chonker (CNN Good Stuff)

Some of us are a little over our goal weight this year. 

99 Year Old Walks to Raise Money for NHS Workers (Source: My Modern Met Good News)

This beautiful soul has captured hearts worldwide ❤️

Doctor Delivers Baby 25 Years After Delivering His Mom in the Same Hospital (CNN Good Stuff)

Baby stories are the best stories, and this one is just so great 👶🏼

In a year in which many of us embraced the life of working from home in cozy sweats … there are those who miss dressing up in cute outfits and going out. For them, @tikatheiggy speaks the truth of 2020. 


As we wind down this year, our Surrogacy Learning Center team wishes our community all the best. We hope our Intended Parents and Potential Surrogates have their dreams come to fruition, while we all look forward to a new year of hope, optimism, and family fulfillment. Happy New Year!