Surrogacy in Colorado: Part 3

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We've been following surrogate Kristi Graves through the Surrogacy in Colorado series, Part 1 and Part 2. Today, we share the Mile High Mamas' interview with Kristi as she discusses her fourth trimester. 

Did you feel support and encouragement after delivery?

My intended parents were very supportive after delivery, messaging me and checking in on my recovery. My daughter was incredibly helpful as well as friends and family who all checked in on me too. 

What was recovery like for you? Emotionally? Physically?

I have never had a c-section before, so it took me a little time to recover afterward. Emotionally, you still go through the same hormone drop after having a baby. But the upside of being a surrogate is that after delivery you really get to focus on yourself postpartum.

What was the biggest life lesson from your surrogacy journey? 

This experience reminded me how grateful I am for my daughter and how grateful I am for my own fertility. I think too many of us take having children for granted. Surrogacy was a humbling experience. 

How is your relationship with the intended family and surro baby? 

I wanted a close relationship with my surrogate family. We keep in contact through phone calls, FaceTime and in-person visits. I understand not all surrogates and intended parents want a close relationship, and that is okay. Some prefer just the yearly Christmas card or maybe an email update. Not me, we are a team — Team Peanut (my surrogate belly buddy’s nickname is Peanut)!

What would you tell another woman who is considering becoming a surrogate? 

Surrogacy is not a quick payday. While compensation is helpful, money comes and goes. Surrogacy needs to come from the heart. You really need to be in it to help others! This is a physical and emotional process. It is a commitment!