Laci Compton discusses her second surrogacy journey 🎬 2️⃣

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ConceiveAbilities team member @Laci Compton previously shared the story of her first surrogacy journey (find it here 😍). 

Laci has started a sibling journey and we're so excited to share her news! 

What made you decide to do another surrogacy journey? 

My intended parents from my last journey reached out and asked if I would be interested in helping them have a third child?  When they called, I was in a grocery store and began jumping, and slightly screamed "Yes!" at them!  Through the course of that journey, and after, we became family.  Our bond moved beyond just surrogacy and into a deep friendship.  I had recently begun considering starting another journey, so them asking when they did just made everything fall into place!

How did you know the time was right for another journey?

Our family has been complete since before our first journey, and we were two years out since I last delivered.  Surrogacy is a strong calling, that does not go away, and I was feeling like I was ready to do this again!  

What's the process of a sibling journey like? 

Sibling journeys are so much fun because that relationship is already there!  While it was exciting in the first journey because it was all so new, I think we feel like seasoned pros this time around, which brings comfort.  The process for the most part is still the same, it just moves a bit quicker.  Since we already had everything from the last journey, we did not have to wait for records, we did not need to repeat Mental Health to the full extent, and our contract was virtually unchanged from the first time, so we got that signed quickly! 

What are you most excited about this time around?

My intended parents have a son biologically, I had their second son through surrogacy, and this time around we are going to transfer their female embryo! I am also just very excited to do this as close friends this time around. We have history, inside jokes with each other, and the expectations for this journey are set, as we figured them out organically last time. 

What's different from your first journey?

We only used to live 2 hours from each other, but this time we are across the country from each other.  That will be different, but with facetime and phone calls, I know they will be just as involved as before.  I am also 35 for this journey, which has made for some fun geriatric jokes!  Other than that, not a lot feels different, it instead feels familiar! 

How are you talking to your kids this time, now that they are older? Do they have any questions or concerns that are new?

Being older has actually made it easier for them to understand that we will absolutely not be bringing a baby home, and they are very excited to do this again!  As close as we are to our intended parents, our daughters are equally close with our IP's sons and have a great friendship.  The girls are also very excited to get to see them more since we do not live in the same state, and we will visit each other throughout the surrogacy.  For them, this is normal, and I know that they think it is "cool" that their mom can help other families have babies.  It's fun to overhear them explaining my "job" to their friends!    

How does your husband feel about surro-babe number two?

He feels the exact same way that I do; his answer was an immediate "yes!". These journeys do not just impact the surrogate, it is a full family experience.  While I was the one pregnant, we did this together, so they are as close to this process as I am.  My husband and our IF are great friends, and he is honored that we get to this again, and help build their family further.  

Anything else you'd like to let members know?

I know I reiterated it above, but sibling journeys are so fun because that relationship is there!  It feels extremely special to get to help your friends build their family again, and be a part of their stories in such a special and unique way.  If you are interested in a repeat journey with your same IP's, let your Match Manager know and she can always help facilitate that conversation if they are also interested!