Meet Partum Care Fitness Expert Liz Cuttica 👋🏼

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We recently announced a new benefit for ConceiveAbilities surrogates: Partum Care. In this program, a group of pregnancy and postpartum care experts work with surrogates to identify information and resources that help support a successful pregnancy and set the stage for a great Fourth Trimester recovery.

Our first webinar will be led by Liz Cuttica, a corrective exercise specialist with training in pregnancy and postpartum.

Liz is a fitness professional with over a decade of experience in the group and private fitness space. Her pregnancy journey led her to become a certified corrective exercise specialist: 

"My obsession with women's health specifically all started when I found out I was pregnant. I was determined to have a “fit pregnancy” and I wanted to prove to myself that I could stay active and strong during my entire pregnancy. 

However, when I started to feel the changes happening in my body (tight back, pain in pelvis, hamstring pain, the list goes on, as all you mamas know) I didn’t really know how to modify and adjust my strategy. 

I was supposed to know what to do—after all, I had been telling pregnant women in my classes how to modify for years.. But now, as a pregnant woman, I realized that all of the general modifications that I had been teaching to my students were too vague and didn’t provide the student context as to why they were modifying."

Liz will be teaching participants about 360 breathing and why it’s essential for safe everyday movement: from picking up your toddler to getting through household chores to maintaining your favorite hobbies. This session will be relevant if you have:

  • Experienced pain during pregnancy or previous postpartum recoveries, such as lower back pain
  • Had challenges with your pelvic floor muscles 
  • Found yourself breathless in pregnancy
  • Been told to clench or suck in your abs when exercising
  • Wished for a way to easily release stress and tension during the day 

This exercise and movement session will take place on Thursday, 8/26 @ 6-7 pm CST.  Register here: