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We've been following @BriannaBuck on her surrogacy journey - we love her story and wanted to profile her in the community 🤰🏻

In a previous Community Cafe post, Buck shared how after the births of son Hudson (4) and daughter Josie (3), Buck and her husband decided their family was complete. Buck felt called to help others who were struggling to build a family. 

“I had pretty easy pregnancies, all things considered, and came to know a lot of people who struggled with infertility. It’s heartbreaking to watch." 

She's been sharing her surrogacy journey on her Instagram account @theladybuck, and it's a great story 🤗

The first thing people ask me when I tell them I am going to be a surrogate is usually WHY?

Short answer: I believe if you can do something kind for another person, you should.

Long Answer: I am one of those people who always wanted to be a mom and I was lucky enough that it all fell into place for me quite easily. I got pregnant quickly and had two easy pregnancies that resulted in 2 beautiful and healthy babies. But I have come to appreciate how lucky we were in all those things. I have watched friends and loved ones go through heartbreaking struggles in this process and at some point it occurred to me that surrogacy was something I could do. Something I would be honored to do. Because there is nothing more powerful or beautiful than building a baby for a loving family ❤️

So today is the big day. I am up here in Boston to pick up this little embryo and hope that it decides to stick around. Wish us luck because if all goes well, we are going to have a whole bunch of work to do!

Well friends! Thanks for all the good vibes and sticky thoughts. Looks like the little peanut decided to stick around! We still have a long road ahead but everything is looking good so far. I have my first blood test to confirm tomorrow.

And onto the THIRD TRIMESTER we go! This has been an amazing journey but I cannot wait for the grand finale. To see this sweet boy in his parents arms is sure to be a highlight of my life ❤️ 

I often get asked how the kids feel about this surrogacy pregnancy and it makes me laugh because really they only know what they know... so to them it’s totally normal. Hudson asked another pregnant lady who she would be giving her baby to 😂 But in truth we talk about this baby and his family and how excited they are to meet him. They give him kisses and hugs but always talk about when he will come out and go to his family. My hope is when they look back and see pictures of me with this big belly that they remember how it connected us to another family in such a special way and all of the joy that that has given us. 

And here we are! 36 weeks... little man is the size of a cabbage patch doll and I look like I am smuggling a basketball under my shirt. T minus 3 weeks until c section date! 

“I don’t know how you can give up the baby.” 😑 I always think this is such a strange way to look at it. I am not “giving up” this sweet boy. I am giving him back to the family that has hoped and planned and worked so incredibly hard to get him here. And me, I have these two amazing creatures to come home to and love. ❤️ 

And here it is... that sweet baby boy is the beautiful culmination of a year full of dreams and medication and hope and luck and science and most importantly love. So much love.

This surrogacy journey has been one of the most incredible and fulfilling experiences and I am so thankful to the parents of this sweet boy for allowing me to be part of their story.

To my friends for supporting me through this past year. And to my amazing family, I cannot thank you enough for your patience and time and love through this process. For giving wings to this dream of mine.

And to everyone who has read or liked or commented, thank you for being my village and for following this magical journey.❤️

Thanks for sharing your beautiful surrogacy journey, @BriannaBuck