Introducing Our Team, Part 3: Lisa L

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Meet @Lisa L

"I am the luckiest mom of two amazing kiddos, who fill my heart every day."

It's a great privilege to be the Moderator in the Surrogacy Learning Center - I'm not a surrogate, but after getting to know all the stories of women in the Surrogacy Learning Center, I feel like it must be the most amazing experience! My older daughter is off at university and my son is in grade 9. I wouldn't change a second of the crazy, fun, sometimes-challenging times we've had over these 20 years. I have been blessed by having children and a husband whom I love spending time with (within reason naturally - we all need to go to our corners sometimes. 😉) We hike, camp, kayak, snowshoe, cross country ski, and sometimes can even agree on something to watch on Netflix. I'm known for a real lack of skills in the baking department (all of my kids' birthday cakes looked like Pinterest fails) but I have passable cooking skills and like to whip up dinner when I have time. To that end, I have recently purchased new ramen bowls, a gorgeous red Dutch oven, and an indoor herb garden, to help make winter pass in a flash of fresh and fun flavors. 

I look forward to connecting with all of you - helping find answers to your questions and hearing your surrogacy stories. 

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