Team Member Laci Shares Her Surrogacy Journey 🤰🏻

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This holiday season, we are happy to share a very special surrogacy story of one of our own. Check out our surrogate coordinator, Laci's podcast The Gift of Life with Laci Compton  on the Stark Transformation Show.



Laci shares the bond she has with her surro-baby's Intended Parents and their joy in the journey. Laci also discusses what she told her children about her pregnancy, how her husband felt about her being a surrogate, and the compensation for being a surrogate. 

Laci enjoyed her journey so much that she decided to become part of the ConceiveAbilities team, helping other women fulfill their calling of being a surrogate.

Laci currently lives in Alaska with her husband and two daughters - check out her husband Jonathon's previous feature and Ask the Expert session.