5 Lessons Learned Through Surrogacy: 25 Years of Building Families

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25 years ago I set out to create a company that made it possible for everyone who wanted a family to do so. Throughout these twenty-five years, ConceiveAbilities has learned so much — and, most importantly, time and again we’ve learned that family is everything. We have created a proven process that has influenced industry standards and we’ve earned our reputation of helping build families reliably with passion, commitment and expertise.

But, first, who is ConceiveAbilities? Watch to see how ConceiveAbilities is shaping the future of surrogacy.


It’s our honor to continue to earn the trust of the many families we have the privilege to partner with — and I know we are just getting started. There are tens of thousands more families that could be so well-served by a professional and highly reliable approach to bringing home their baby through surrogacy. Meanwhile in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week, I am grateful to share the five lessons surrogacy continues to teach me.

Lesson 1. Modern Family Building Is Evolving and Surrogacy is Leading The Way.

Surrogacy is leading the way in modern family building. Medical advancements like single embryo transfer have led to the understanding that surrogacy is the most successful fertility treatment. In my 25 years, the velocity of change in, and acceptance of, surrogacy has been incredible. Socially, our culture has a higher understanding that family is family no matter how it is achieved. The evolving notion of how we build families and how we talk about and treat infertility is more open. And the advent of same sex marriage and the normalization of gay men having children via surrogacy has made a great impact. What was once fringe and unspoken…is now on the table for EVERYONE. The way it should be.

Lesson 2. Surrogates Are Empowered By Their Decision To Help

There have been misconceptions that surrogates are exploited or “in it” for the money. This couldn’t be further from what we know to be true, corroborated by the third-party research study we commissioned. Accelerant Research found that surrogates are educated, purpose-driven women who feel a deep calling to help someone become a parent. She is motivated by personal experience of knowing someone who has struggled to build their family. She has done deep research to make sure that becoming a surrogate is right for her and her family and her decision to do so is empowering.

Lesson 3. More Women Than Ever Are Becoming Surrogates

At a time when headlines are reporting surrogate shortages, we are proud to share we have partnered with more qualified surrogates than ever before. Through our All-In Care and Compensation Package and the amazing word-of-mouth referrals from so many delighted families we have worked with over the years, we continue to be the best surrogacy agency choice for surrogates.

Still the demand is even higher. Our surrogacy agency has learned that once we share what surrogacy is and the process on how to become a surrogate, more women than ever are interested in taking the next steps. In fact, we estimate that there are about one million women who would consider becoming a surrogate if they knew more about it. We are empowering these women with the research they need to make their decision on our newly relaunched blog “Everything You Need To Know About Surrogacy,” our surrogacy podcast series, and the Surrogacy Learning Center, an online community to connect with others in the surrogacy world.

Lesson 4. The Importance of the Fourth Trimester

Pregnancy and delivery is a labor of love, but it is labor. That is why the Fourth Trimester is so very important. Postpartum care for American women is shockingly below the standard we need and deserve. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends an increased level of care during the fourth trimester and doctors agree that six weeks is not enough. Our agency wholeheartedly rejects the “normal” postpartum care and demands a new normal. Pregnancy care continues after the delivery of the baby. Our priority is to empower pregnant women everywhere, especially our surrogates and intended parents, to understand and expect the highest standards of fourth trimester care, which is included in our All-In Surrogate Care and Compensation Package.

Lesson 5. Protect What Matters Most

I founded ConceiveAbilities from my small Chicago apartment, because I knew egg donation and surrogacy could be done better. Much of our staff has personal experience as an intended parent, surrogate, or egg donor. We are a full service agency, and that means we have top surrogacy experts in-house, including legal resources, insurance specialists, mental health professionals and nurses — even professors — who have set the standard to protect both intended parents and surrogates at every step of the surrogacy process.There are many smaller, inexperienced surrogacy agencies for people to choose from and, unfortunately, that lack of experience can create catastrophic outcomes for everyone striving for a successful surrogacy journey. Our experience allows us to protect what matters most: achieving the dream of bringing home a baby and we will continue to refine our process to deliver the best and most up-to-date surrogacy experience in the future.

I keep these lessons, and so many more, with me as we continue to refine our process and grow ConceiveAbilities into the future. Each surrogacy journey is an opportunity to better serve our parents, surrogates and egg donors. I am filled with gratitude and joy for the continued honor of helping build more families in the future, because family is everything.