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Today we're shining the spotlight on community member @Mlmeier and her surrogacy journey.  

When did you first start thinking about ​surrogacy?

I can’t remember when I first heard of surrogacy but I’ve known for as long as I can remember that it was something I was interested in pursuing. Once I knew how easy my pregnancies and deliveries were it became a more concrete plan to pursue surrogacy. 

Was there someone in your life who inspired you thinking about starting the process?

Once I knew I was definitely going to pursue surrogacy I reached out to two friends who had gone through their own surrogacy journeys. They had each gone through different companies so I was able to get some first hand information about each of their experiences and determine which would be the best fit for me and my family.

Do you have a friend who has been a gestational carrier?

Yes; two! One is the wife of my husband’s friend from high school and the other is one of my closest friends/neighbors. Having them give their recommendations and hearing their stories made it easier to pick a company to work with (it didn’t feel so random!).

What are you most excited about with a potential surrogacy journey?

I’m just so excited at the thought of making someone’s dream of having a child complete. I first reached out to Conceiveabilities when my youngest was only a few weeks old. As I’d rock/nurse her at night I would think about how sad it would be to want that experience, go through all sorts of medical treatments/expenses and still be waiting for their little one. I knew that there was someone out there right now going through one of the hardest things in their life and that I could do something to help them.

What are you most unsure/anxious about with a potential surrogacy journey?

Because of my medical background I worry about what happens if something goes wrong. It would be heartbreaking to feel like I let someone down when they’ve already been through so much. I also hope to have a long term relationship of some form with my IPs so I also worry about that not coming to fruition.

​Tell us a bit about yourself and your family. 

I’m 34 years old and a mom to 4 (3 boys-almost 7, 4 and 2 and 1 girl-almost 8 months). My husband and I will have been married for 10 years this fall and have been together for 15.  We love being outside, playing sports and just spending time together. I work as a nurse practitioner in Urology at the largest level one trauma center in Wisconsin. I don’t have much spare time but love reading and exercising.

Thanks for sharing your story, @Mlmeier