Surrogate Profile: Amanda

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Tell us a bit about yourself and your family.

I am a full-time working mom and have a love for DIY projects.  I am originally from Upstate NY, but moved to Maui Hawaii and met my husband, Nick.  Eventually we settled in Minnesota where he is from.  

Tell us about your surrogacy story.

My surrogate journey started right after I had my only son Jack.  After his birth, my love for him was overwhelming and I felt every person wanting children should get to feel this! 

What inspired you to become a surrogate?

I heard about surrogacy on a podcast and looked into and was hooked! I applied and was surprised about how fast things moved along.  Becoming a surrogate felt like purpose and destiny for me.  

How did you know it was the right time for your family to embark on your surrogacy journey?

I knew it was the right time because our son was young and we didn't plan on having any more children of our own. 

How did your partner, friends and family feel about your decision and how did they support you?

My husband was so supportive of my dreams.  My friends were also there for me and thought it was a selfless gift I was giving to someone.  At first my family was concerned and didn't understand, until I explained it wasn't my baby.  Then they were on board and supported me 100 percent. 

Tell us about matching with your intended parents. 

Getting matched with my first and second family was amazing.  It's like they take all of your likes and dislikes and match you with someone.  I don't know how they do it, but both of my matches have been perfect.  We all get along so well and feel connected in a way that is hard to explain to others.  Both of my matches now feel like family.  

How does it feel to be able to give the gift of family?

I feel so grateful being able to give the gift of life.  I'm thankful my body allows me to do this for a family.  My body works so hard to provide.  

What has been the most rewarding part of your surrogate experience?

The most rewarding part of my journey was definitely during the delivery.  I'm still pregnant with my second surrogate baby, and haven't had that feeling again yet, but my first journey I still think about all the time.  That look on my IP's face when the baby was born, is forever etched in my brain.  

How did becoming a surrogate change your life?

Becoming a surrogate changed my life because it has made me realize how important family is and how far kindness can go.  Not everyone can be a surrogate, I feel like the lucky one. 

What advice would you give someone thinking about becoming a surrogate?

My advice to someone wanting to be a surrogate is to be patient and let things happen as they should.  My first journey took 3 years because of failed transfers and waiting for parents to make new embryos. It all worked out in the end, but it took patience.  

I am currently pregnant with my second surrogate journey.