GMA interviews L’Oreal Thompson Payton about the pain of infertility

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To mark National Infertility Week last year, GMA interviewed L’Oreal Thompson Payton about the stigma and pain around infertility.

In her early 30s, married, unable to conceive and turning to in-vitro fertilization, Payton said she found few people talking honestly about the reality of what she calls "the messy middle" -- that time between starting infertility treatments and, if it all goes according to plan, having a baby..

"IVF is a full-time job and it can wreck you physically, emotionally, mentally," Payton told "Good Morning America." "You're just putting your body under a lot of physical stress and emotional stress as well, because you're doing this with the hope that you're going to get the result and the outcome that you want, and as we've learned firsthand, that's not always the case."

Watch the interview here:

Payton's IVG journey resulted in a pregnancy, and in an Instagram post in December, 2021, she announced the birth of her daughter.

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