Social Change Warriors: Unite!

Submitted to What's On Your Mind?

We know the surrogacy community is filled with progressive, enlightened, game-changing folks. Our research shows that 87% of gestational carriers are significantly motivated by the joy of helping others, especially members of the LGBTQ community.

The Building Your Voice for Social Change challenge offers  members of the Surrogacy Learning Center community an opportunity to help build our voice for social change. We want to educate all stakeholders on why surrogacy is essential, and how women are empowered through surrogacy.

Building advocacy skills is transformational, and we're sponsoring the winner of our Social Change Challenge to take part in the program of their choice in the OpEd Project. Participants in these programs emerge with concrete results and access to a national network of journalist mentors for individual follow up. Audiences are typically comprised of global cohorts of 50+ people, with a model based on discovery through group interaction.

Join us in our Social Change Challenge for your opportunity to write to change the world with the OpEd Project!