Surrogacy heartbreak for influencer Georgie Crawford

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Good Glow podcaster Georgie Crawford recently shared her heartbreak over a setback in her surrogacy journey.

Crawford, who battled breast cancer in 2017, was matched with a surrogate in Ukraine in December. She and husband Jaime were set to undergo the process of embryo transfer with their surrogate last week. 

Sadly, the couple were forced to put their surrogacy process on pause given the troubling developments in Ukraine, and their match decided to continue with the process for another family.

On her podcast, she spoke of the reality of the current situation in Ukraine sinking in, and what it meant for her family, as well as that of her surrogate.

"I suppose I had been in denial for the weekend, and saying everything is fine, everything's going to be fine, and then the Monday [February 21], the reality of the situation between Ukraine and Russia really hit me."