Jamie Chung, new mom via surrogacy, discusses post-partum depression

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Jamie Chung, of 'Real World: San Diego' fame, welcomed twins via surrogate with her husband in October. Today details how she recently opened up about her bout with depression after the babies arrived.

“I was so resentful, and I had anxiety and I was angry,” Chung revealed during a Facebook Live last month. 

She added that her family, which includes husband Bryan Greenberg, “were walking on eggshells.”

In an interview with PEOPLE, Chung stated "therapy really helped me prep mentally for this lifestyle change and to not be afraid to talk about certain issues because it's not the first thing you want to say when you have kids," she says. "You don't want to start with something negative or challenging, but I do think that these postpartum depression issues are so real."

"I felt quite guilty feeling certain things that I felt. And just knowing that it's normal and it's just because you're overwhelmed and you're full of anxiety and it's a scary transition for some people," Chung adds.