Mrs. Doubtfire actor Mark Evans welcomes first child via surrogacy 🍼

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Broadway actor Mark Evans and husband Justin Mortelliti have welcomed a new baby via surrogacy!

Extremely happy to announce the arrival of our daughter, Larsen Jean Evans-Mortelliti
Born May 13th in Arizona, USA. ❤️

Our lives have changed forever and we couldn’t be happier. The rest of the world dissolves away every time I look at her and it’s very overwhelming.

We travelled for 12 hours with her when she was not even 48 hours old and to finally have her home makes us so thankful.

Check out the post on @justmort account to understand the reasons we picked her name.

The bond we have with our gestational carrier (surrogate) is unique and the love and gratitude we have feels impossible to put into words. I’ll attempt to articulate how I feel for her in a separate dedicated post.

And our generous, selfless, beautiful and inspiring egg donor. We so appreciate you and have a deep love for you. Thank you!

Okay, back to staring at our baby 👶🏻