US Olympic figure skating star born through assisted reproduction

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Alysa Liu, who was recently almost sidelined from participating in the Beijing Olympics due to Covid 19, has a fascinating heritage story.

According to the International Fertility Law Group, Liu's father Arthur conceived Alysa and her four younger siblings using egg donation, in vitro fertilization and surrogacy, using two different egg donors and two surrogates.

Both Arthur and Alysa have openly shared Alysa’s “origin story,” and in a recent television interview alongside her father, she spoke of how proud she is of him for creating their family.

Alysa was conceived using a different egg donor than her siblings, sister Selina and triplets Joshua, Justin and Julia. Both egg donors were white, reflecting both Arthur’s desire for his children to benefit from the genetic diversity and his view of his own life as a fusion of cultures, he told Sports Illustrated.