Shareback: Poll Results

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Did you know ...... when we ask for your input in polls, surveys, and quick questions we use your responses to plot out future topics and content? We value your opinions, insights, suggestions - we want members to help steer the direction of this community.

We recently conducted an Ask the Expert poll and here are the top experts you told us you want to hear from:
  • Fertility doctors (56.6%)
  • Obstetricians (26.1%)
  • Fertility nurses (17.4%)
  • 'Other' experts - fertility clinic coordinators (36.8%)
  • 'Other' experts - husbands/partners (31.6%)
  • 'Other' experts - financial advisor (26.3%)
  • 'Other' experts - insurance specialists (5.3%)

You asked, we're delivering! If you haven't already, head over to our blog and download the Surrogacy in the Time of Covid podcast with Endocrinologist Marie Werner, MD.

Watch your inbox for a new blog - we have lined up an interview with surro-partner and member @Jonathan Compton who will share some honest insights and advice for partners whose wives are considering or are in the process of being a surrogate.

As always, we'll keep the feed lively with fresh new activities. Community Cafe is the place to post anything that's on your mind, any time of day or night. And if you have any questions or comments you want to post anonymously, please send me a personal message: @Lisa L. Thanks for your feedback! 👏🏽