CEO of Hive Diversity and Partner Became Parents Through Surrogacy

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People Magazine recently profiled Byron Slosar and his husband Matt, who are parents through surrogacy.

We went through surrogacy, which was amazingly overwhelming. We had our surrogacy agency in Boston. We were in New York. Our egg donor was in Connecticut. Our surrogate was in Virginia Beach, and our doctor was in Los Angeles. Then, we also had an early miscarriage. The experience was a lot. It was both financially and emotionally taxing, but it was awesome.

Our son Byron was born and we were finally a family of three, plus we gained our surrogate Misty's family, too. Misty's husband called us when we got pregnant and joked, "Congrats on knocking up my wife."

I went to Virginia Beach nine times to be with Misty during her pregnancy. I went to every doctor's appointment, and Matt was there for most of them. Throughout the process, we really became a big family. Their kids became our niece and nephew. They call us their guncles.

Before we chose who we wanted as our surrogate, we made an agreement that we wanted Misty and her family to have a relationship with us. Byron knows who she is and calls her Angel Mama.