Gratitude and giving this holiday season 💫

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The start of the holiday season is here, and amongst the festivities is Giving Tuesday, the annual global generosity movement.

Giving is great, and that's why today we are celebrating our community of surrogates who have - or will soon - give the ultimate gift and help build families through surrogacy 💝

"Our relationship with our intended parents is bonded forever, and having our daughters be witness to the greatest gift you can give affected their hearts. They are so proud that their mom was a surrogate!"

"Being a surrogate has been one of the best experiences of my life."

“If you ask any surrogate, their most exciting moment is going to be delivery day. Part of the motivation in being a surrogate is that pure gift of handing a baby over at the end, whether it's a nine month journey or a two year journey. At the end of the day, to be able to see the look on your intended parents’ faces as they receive their new gift of life is life changing. The experience as a whole, just being able to witness the pure joy and contentment on your intended parents’ faces when they see their baby for the first time is pretty much indescribable.”

"I have watched friends and loved ones go through heartbreaking struggles in this process and at some point it occurred to me that surrogacy was something I could do. Something I would be honored to do. Because there is nothing more powerful or beautiful than building a baby for a loving family."

"I’m just so excited at the thought of making someone’s dream of having a child complete."

"My first nanny family went through IVF, and hearing her story inspired me to look into surrogacy."

"Surrogacy was one of the best decisions I have ever made! The relationship I formed with my intended parent is beyond special and nothing else can compare to that."

"I’m most excited to bless a family with a child and to experience the joy and happiness with them thru the process."

"Being able to assist people with creating the family they dream of is one of the most amazing things I could hope to offer the world."

"Being able to help a family make their dreams come true really has been my drive, and this is a way I know that I can help.

"I heard stories about issues with fertility pretty often and it inspired me to become a surrogate. My heart really wanted me to do this."

"I want to give this gift to someone. I want to help a family have a child."

"I wanted to become a surrogate ever since the birth of my oldest son. Being able to be part of that moment of giving someone their child was something that really spoke to me."

"I am in awe that I was able to grow a baby for such a wonderful and deserving family."

"The moment they got to meet their son is a moment that is burned into my memory forever. It was honestly the most fulfilling moment of my life."

"Honestly, I love the feeling of being pregnant, and to know that I can do that while also providing someone with the gift of family is like a completely blissful win-win situation for me!"

"I feel so grateful being able to give the gift of life. I'm thankful my body allows me to do this for a family."

"Having the ability to help a family grow while having the support that I had from my loved ones - just incredible! The BEST part of the entire journey was seeing the look on the IPs parents when she was born."

"I am so thankful to have done this for them and it is such a unique experience to help them have a child of their own. Not only are you helping the parents, you may be giving someone a grandchild or sibling or cousin."

With gratitude to every surrogate who is helping to make dreams come true.