Guess who's a mom a second time via surrogacy?! πŸ’ž

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Jen Atkin recently announced her family's newest addition - another baby via surrogacy!

Sloane Soleil Rosenthal 6.5lbs born 3/31/22 πŸΌπŸ’«

Surprise! She truly is the sunshine of our home and an Aries Queen navigating a house full of Pisces, God help her.

She’s got all of brother’s hand me downs so we truly don’t need a thing. Because Gifts x Flowers = dogs barking at the door, we’re asking to please visit @hopeofthevalley. We want to help the countless number of unhoused families + notice all the tents that line our streets. The reality is $49.20 can feed 24 people. We’ve made a personal family donation in Sloane’s name to help their mission to prevent, reduce and eliminate poverty, hunger and homelessness and are grateful for the work they do.

We’re working on a video to share of the past 10 months and want to thank...our wonderful surrogate and her family, 

Final score- Puppies: 3 Babies: 2!! No more puppies or babies until further notice and @mrmikerosenthal I love you and we got this babe. I think.(side note for our friends we’re going to do a Sip x See outdoors next month πŸ’«)