Let's Talk Surrogacy!

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Hello, Surrogacy Learning Center members! I hope you’ve been enjoying this online community as much as I have – it’s amazing to have a mix of experienced gestational carriers and women who are dipping their toes in the water to see if surrogacy is right for them.

As I read through the inspiring stories for @Jess Smith, @Krista G, and @amjacks11, it got me thinking - once someone is approved as a surrogate, what do you think makes them a good one?

Reading the posts below, also made me curious to hear how each of you first heard about surrogacy.
"Where do I begin? I was a mother of 2, who had her dream job as a Labor and Delivery nurse when I met another surrogate.  Her story made me realize that becoming a gestational carrier was something I could do, that women do pursue." @Kristina F

"I had heard of surrogacy for gay couples who couldn't have children and I thought that sounded like such an amazing thing to do."@Jess
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