Queen Azizah of Malaysia reveals she underwent 16 rounds of IVF to become pregnant

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PEOPLE is sharing the story of Queen Azizah of Malaysia's interview with The Telegraph, where she revealed her struggles with infertility, numerous rounds of IVF, and how in 2004, she set up the Tunku Azizah Fertility Foundation to help fund fertility treatments.

After marrying King Abdullah of Malaysia in 1986, Queen Azizah underwent numerous rounds of IVF before becoming pregnant with her eldest son in 1995.

"I had 16 rounds of IVF, and on the 17th I succeeded," she said. "I never thought I'd go on to have five more [children], including twins."

"My foundation sponsors treatment for poor and middle-income couples," she said. "I know how much it costs, and the emotional struggle people go through. You go for a treatment and you come home and cry."

Queen Azizah, 61, continued, "We are Asian and we don't share our problems. But I decided it was time we started talking about it, and doing something about it."