A Surrogacy Story: Bri Buck

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Surrogate Bri Buck (@BriannaBuck) recently sat down with Axios Charlotte to share her surrogacy story
After the births of son Hudson (4) and daughter Josie (3), Buck and her husband decided their family was complete. Buck felt called to help others who were struggling to build a family. 

“I had pretty easy pregnancies, all things considered, and came to know a lot of people who struggled with infertility. It’s heartbreaking to watch." 

Once she was approved as a gestational carrier and matched with a couple in Miami, both parties agreed to the match before moving forward with the process. Working with an agency, Buck will be compensated $52,000 throughout her pregnancy. 

Follow Buck along her surrogacy journey @theladybuck on Instagram. 

We loved her heartfelt interview responses, and wish her all the best as she prepares for her c-section!

Will you have a hard time saying goodbye to the baby? “The way I see it, it’s not my baby at all. This child has none of my genes.  I care for this child and want to do everything I can to build him the best that I can. But the real joy for me will be getting to see the parents’ faces when they meet him,” she says.

Has this pregnancy been different? “I look at it like I’m doing a service for someone and I want to give them a good product, so to speak. I think this has been my healthiest pregnancy. I’m working with a nutritionist. I’ve worked out the entire time. Not that I was unhealthy by any means during my other pregnancies, but I’ve definitely stepped it up this time.”

How did you explain the situation to your children? “We say, ‘This isn’t our baby. Mommy is building this baby and then we’re going to give him back to his family.’ When you’re putting it into its simplest terms, it’s like if your neighbor has all of the ingredients to make a cake but their oven is broken. They can bring them over to your house and use yours.”

Will you have a relationship with the baby once he’s born? “That’s something you talk about with the parents during the initial matching phase. I don’t want to be a part of the child’s daily life, but I’d like to see him grow up.  The baby’s mom and I have a good relationship, so I’m sure I’ll get pictures occasionally. And I do want my kids to get to see him after he’s born.”

Were you hesitant to be a surrogate during a pandemic? “Once we started with the process, I was so excited that not even a pandemic could have stopped me. Though it actually is a good time to be pregnant in terms of lack of FOMO.”