Erin Andrews speaks out about fertility challenges and IVF

Submitted to Celebrity Spotlight

Sportscaster and tv personality Erin Andrews shared in a recent Bulletin essay that she is going through her seventh round of IVF, and doesn't want others who have experienced fertility struggles to feel alone.

"I ... set aside time for IVF treatment. For those familiar, you know it's a time-consuming and emotionally draining process. This is my 7th one, and I've been going through these treatments since I was 35 years old.

I'm now 43, so my body is kind of stacked against me. I have been trying to do IVF treatment for a while now, but sometimes it doesn't go the way you want it. Your body just doesn't allow it.

I work in an industry where I think women feel the need to keep things like this quiet. But no, there are so many other women who maybe put their careers on the back burner because they don't want to miss out on any opportunities. It's so common that people are starting families late and put so many other aspects of their lives on hold.

I decided that this time around, I would be open with my show producers about having to come to work a little later than normal because I was attending daily fertility appointments. And I am thankful I did it. They encouraged me to be open about it because this is real life. It's not like I'm leaving to go take a hot yoga class, I'm trying to have a baby. I am not ashamed, and I want to be vocal and honest about this."