ConceiveAbilities gets a shout-out for milk bank donation program 🍼

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The Bump recently gave a shout-out to ConceiveAbilities for supporting families during the formula shortage with the #MilkBankChallenge.

Many people have called on mothers to donate their breast milk to local milk banks during the ongoing formula shortage. For many mothers, though, this isn’t such a simple request. In a recent article by Vox Media, experts outlined the costs of breastfeeding or donating breast milk. Outside of the cost of pumps, milk storage bags and lactation consultants, breastfeeding moms spend around 1,800 hours pumping each year, roughly the equivalent of a full-time unpaid job. And since time is money, to many moms already juggling careers and childcare, the prospect of donating milk can be cost-prohibitive.

Despite all these barriers, milk donations are critically needed. During the formula shortage, milk banks have provided life-saving nutrition to babies across America. In an effort to break down these barriers and replenish milk bank supplies, surrogacy and egg donor agency ConceiveAbilities has launched the #MilkBankChallenge. The movement is designed to enable and encourage women to donate breast milk to local milk banks by supplying them with a one-time $250 gift card to help offset the costs of pumping and donating.

“In our work to help build families for the last twenty-five years, we know that many women find purpose in helping other families at a time of great need,” shared Nazca Fontes, founder and CEO of ConceiveAbilities. “Like surrogacy, milk banks play a vital role in assisting families. We stand ready to assist all women who are able to help lift up other women and families in their time of need and help provide much-needed nutrition to the babies who are in need.”

Even if you can’t donate breast milk, ConceiveAbilities still wants to support your efforts to give back. The surrogacy agency has promised now through July 31 to match any financial donation to your local nonprofit milk bank up to $250.