One Good Thing ☀️

Submitted to What's On Your Mind?

Now that we're in the season of giving thanks and Giving Tuesday - we want to recognize that the smallest expressions of kindness and generosity have a huge impact.

Being a gestational carrier is hands down one of the greatest acts of giving that one can do, and we know that women who are called to surrogacy are some of the kindest folks out there.

So, we're inviting every member of our Surrogacy Learning Center community to share one good thing that you've done recently, or will be doing in the next few days. Running an errand for your neighbor who has a newborn, telling a stranger she looks amazing, taking your overwhelmed friend's kids for an afternoon so she can have a break - these little acts add up to a whole lot of positivity that can create a ripple (or avalanche) of positivity.

Join us in the comments below to share some simple acts that go a long way - let's inspire one another to create waves of goodness in our homes and our communities!