Woman's bakery benefits parents in need

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Becca Schmidt, of Derby, Kansas, knows the heartbreak of miscarriage. In 2018, she and her husband lost their daughter while Becca was 26 weeks pregnant. Two years later in summer 2020, their son died at week 15 of the pregnancy (on husband Ryan’s birthday). After these heartbreaks, the Schmidts decided to turn to surrogacy to build their family.

In an interview with the Derby Informer, Becca admitted that the expenses associated with surrogacy were an issue in her mind. Shortly after the loss of her son, Becca’s sister came to visit and they baked a cake together – which sparked an idea for her. “When I was baking, I realized this is something that I really like to do. It would give me something to look forward to and be able to put my mind towards while we were working on saving up for surrogacy."

And that sparked her virtual pop-up bakery: Schmidt That's Good. Selling baked goods gave the couple's friends and family a tangible way to support the Schmidts’ surrogacy journey. As of this summer, the Schmidts met their financial goal and have officially started the surrogacy process.

Becca is not ready to hang up her apron just yet - Schmidt That’s Good will benefit a Wichita couple looking to adopt and facing a similar challenge as the Schmidts.

And during the month of October, Schmidt That’s Good’s proceeds will benefit another cause with strong personal ties, Bridget’s Cradles – a local organization that helps support bereaved parents.