NW Ohio Couple Wins IVF Contest After Long Battle with Infertility

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WTOL Ohio recently published a heartwarming story about Jake and Diana Rogers, a couple who will finally have the chance to have a baby after a long battle with infertility.

The couple met in Diana's native Guatemala and maintained a long distance relationship for a few years, then got married and settled in Jake's hometown of Bowling Green almost six years ago. 

In the past year, the couple tried, without success, to get pregnant.

"I went to my doctor and she ran a lot of tests and then I was on medicine, like an aggressive fertility treatment, and that didn't work," Diana said.

Then one morning on his drive to work in Toledo, where Jake is a PE teacher at Lucas County Detention Center, he heard about a contest on iHeart Radio's Mojo in the Morning for a chance to win free In Vitro Fertilization.

Their submission made it to the top 10, and then to a public vote.

"We were on the radio listening and that's when Mojo said our names and it was just... we didn't know what to do," Diana said. "We were just in shock, like, 'Did it really happen? Are you sure?' And then we cried."

Diana and Jake won free IVF, with one embryo transfer - something that would have cost them about $15,000.