Kristen Welker describes birth of daughter via surrogacy

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Insider reports that Kristen Welker, NBC News chief White House correspondent, spoke on the Hoda Show recently about the birth of her daughter via surrogate.

Doctors told Welker, 45, she could help catch her baby as it was delivered. 

"First I said, 'Am I going to know what to do? Are you sure I can do this?'" Welker told host Hoda Kotb. But clinicians told Welker they'd guide her, and reassured her, saying "your hands will literally be the first thing that [the baby] feels when she arrives into this new world." 

"And so, as she was being born, I stretched my hands out, and that moment feeling her beautiful, incredible being, was really the most magical moment of my entire life and in that moment all of that self doubt went away," Welker said.

"And then all I felt was this bond, and this overwhelming sense of love and connection that I have, you know, never felt for another human being before and it was incredible. It was a blessing."

After struggling with infertility for two years, Welker and husband John Hughes decided on surrogacy. While the first embryo transfer didn't take, by the time Welker moderated the presidential debate in October 2020, she knew she was expecting. 

[Image: NBC Universal]