Man reunites with long lost sister; she later delivers twins for him through surrogacy 🌸 🌸

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Parents recently ran a story about Mark MacDonald, who began his search for his birth parents in adulthood. After he got married, he and his wife, Tina, tried to have children, but they ran into complications and soon realized that their dream of becoming parents would mean a journey through adoption or surrogacy. Working through the Canadian adoption process, he eventually received a life-changing call that not only had they found his birth mother, but that she had married his biological father, and together they had three more children; he had three siblings.

"I thought that knowing her (good or bad) might give me that feeling of connection that I was missing, especially if she had had other children (half-siblings that would carry a portion of my genes in future generations). I was not prepared to find three full-blooded siblings!"

In the initial flurry of emails with his new family, MacDonald made a particular connection with sibling Rachel Elliott.

"As soon as I learned about Mark and Tina's struggle, I immediately wanted to offer to be a surrogate for them," Elliott told Parents. "It probably sounds flippant, but my heart was just so open and full of love for him from the first time I saw his picture."

"Five months after we met, I went to visit Mark and Tina in Oregon for the first time. I think it was a five-day trip, and I mentally set the last evening dinner as the time I would make the offer. I took a deep breath, my carefully prepared speech fell apart, and I just stumbled the words out of my mouth."

"Reality was that it was an immediate YES from them, and I was so relieved!" Elliott tells Parents. "In that moment, I felt a huge weight fall from my shoulders, and that I felt more settled, and not less, was a sign to myself that it was meant to be. It was the best feeling, sitting around their dinner table, all of us grinning like idiots in the aftermath."