UK Surrogacy Laws Allow Single Teacher to Become Father Through Surrogacy

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Surrogacy laws have changed across the pond - in 2019, the UK amended a law that previously restricted surrogacy to couples. 

David Watkins, a single teacher from Southampton, welcomed his son through surrogacy, the first man to become a solo parent through the Surrogacy UK agency.

"I have always wanted to be a dad," he said. When UK surrogacy laws changed in 2019, Watkins started to pursue his dream and met Faye Spreadbury, who (with the full support of her husband) would eventually carry baby Miles. "Faye and I met ... and we instantly clicked. She didn't want to have any more children of her own but wanted to help others." 

Watkins keeps in contact with the Spreadbury family and says they will always be in his and Miles' life. "I have already told Miles about how he got here - I am very open," he says.

We love this story of David finally being about to build his family through surrogacy. We hope you'll share your story of empowerment through surrogacy in the Building Your Voice Through Social Change Challenge and help us advocate to change outdated surrogacy laws in the United States.