A Father's Story of Surrogacy Takes Center Stage at Sundance

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In Hollywood, a ticking biological clock is usually seen from the lens of motherhood. In Together Together, Ed Helms' character flips the perspective to a dad's story of surrogacy and single-parenting. 

The story centers on 26-year-old Anna (Patti Harrison), who becomes the surrogate to a single, middle-aged app designer named Matt (Helms). Director Nikole Beckwith says "we're very familiar with stories of women doing whatever it takes to be mothers, but we don't usually shine a light on the male biological clock, a guy's drive to be a dad which exists. So I wanted to tell that story and kind of tell a positive, hopeful surrogacy story." 

Says Helms, "I think what is so cool about what Nikole has tapped into ... is a story that kind of begs the question why isn't this told more. The answer to that, which is addressed in all kinds of humorous and poignant ways in the movie, is a comment on our cultural expectations, how these conversations generally go in our lives, all the assumptions that are just baked into us culturally."