Jacey Duprie announces birth of baby boy via surrogate 🍼

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PEOPLE is reporting that Jacey Duprie, Damsel in Dior founder, welcomed her second child with husband Grant Leavitt on July 15.

After the birth of her first child, Duprie was diagnosed with secondary infertility.

"I knew something was wrong in my gut postpartum," she explains. "I had always toyed with the idea of freezing embryos as an insurance plan. And so we just did it. I was like, before I fully heal from postpartum — because I was still struggling even a year later — I'm going to just freeze these embryos."

"Through that process, I learned that I had adenomyosis, and later found out that I have endometriosis, which has led to basically the doctors telling me that it's not a good idea for me to carry and deliver," she continues.

"I don't have a problem getting pregnant, but for me to actually deliver a baby is very risky. Because I have both endometriosis and adenomyosis I was just given that diagnosis," she shares. "And honestly, thank God I did the embryo freezing because had I not done that I really would've never known."

"It was a really difficult choice to make," she admits. "I mean, it's not your usual way of going about having a child. It feels, and this might sound weird, a little more transactional for lack of a better word, and a little less ideal. But once we were able to get past that part, then I was able to really deal with it from an emotional standpoint."

"As a female, having a surrogate carry your baby, and knowing what it felt like to carry my own first time around, it's actually been okay. I'm actually so incredibly grateful, of course. It's been kind of a mind trip, though, at the same time because it's very out of body," she adds.

"The very first surrogate family we met with, we were like it was too good to be true," she recalls. "It just felt so right. The cards aligned so easily and we said, 'This is the right family for us, and this is the right way to do it.' "

Duprie says the couple and their surrogate have a "wonderful relationship" and planned to be in the delivery room with her. "It just feels very comfortable," says Duprie. "She's been so respectful of the process, and she's such a lovely human. And she already has had three children of her own. She's given us the greatest gift of all, and it's so cliche, but it's amazing that we have people in the world that are willing to do that for other families," she adds.