Rachel Harris on Surrogacy and Co-Parenting

Submitted to Celebrity Spotlight

In a recent PEOPLE magazine article, 54-year old actress Rachel Harris (of Lucifer fame ... who else lists this show as a guilty pleasure? ✋🏼), gave a candid account of conceiving sons Henry, 4, and Otto, 2, through surrogacy, and was open about the challenges of co-parenting after divorce.

When she married her (former) husband Christian Hebel, 44, they were ready and excited to have children, but they weren't able to conceive naturally and IVF failed. "Then we talked about me carrying a baby," Harris explained. "Our doctor had said, 'You have a 50/50 chance of being able to carry the baby to term. And even then, probably half of your pregnancy, you'd be on bedrest.'"

The couple decided their best option was surrogacy. 

"We found the most beautiful surrogate. We had one surrogate that carried Henry and another surrogate that carried Otto," Harris said. "For me, it was such a blessing."

Harris said her two sons have changed her life irrevocably - and for the better. 

"The best service that I [can give] is to help these little boys become loving and generous and abundant little souls," Harris said. "I didn't realize how big my heart could grow. I didn't realize how big their hearts are and how they can love so many people."

Beautiful words from a grateful parent - have you heard similar sentiments from Intended Parents?